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Study in Germany

Study in Germany

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ISBN: 978-3-939397-24-3
Autor: Gabriela Stefanut
Seitenzahl: 68
Format: Paperback, A5

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Welcome to Germany, students!

Students and prospective students everywhere know that a good university education is the best springboard in life. More and more employers today demand not only an excellent professional qualification but also the ability to work interculturally. So why not combine the two? Studying and living in another culture is the best way to broaden your horizons and to enhance your future chances.

If you have already been considering the option of studying abroad, have you thought of Germany? The Federal Republic is not only known for good beer and cutting edge technology, it also attracts a growing number of students from all over the world. They want to profit from the excellent education offered at universities and other institutions, improve their knowledge of the German language (which is not as difficult to learn as many people think) and, of course, gain international experience.

But how do you reach such a decision? What do you need to prepare for your studies and how do you organize your private matters? How and where do you get the best information about German universities, qualification requirements, academic degrees, and alternatives like summer courses or Studienkollegs? What about recognition of German degrees in your home country? How do you apply at a German university or Fachhochschule? Where can you get the grants you need to help you financially? And how do you deal with all the red tape concerning visa, residence etc.?

Your best preparation from choice of university to finding a place to stay

You can avoid pitfalls and solidly prepare for your student life in Germany when you read this guide for foreign students simply entitled “Study in Germany”, written in English by Gabriela Stefanut. The big plus with this book: The author is a foreigner herself and has studied in Germany, so she knows what is really important and gives her readers first hand information and experiences.

Her guide will show you, why Germany, with its excellent opportunities, is a good choice. It will help you to choose the university and program that best suit your wishes and needs, help you get a better picture of what to expect, how to prepare, and what you will encounter during your stay in Germany. To simplify your search and to make your decision easier this book concentrates on the essential information, providing useful internet links about studying in Germany and about the country in general, helpful tips, and practical examples.


The guide not only contains useful information about where to study and what the enrollments procedures are, but also gives useful information on where to find cheap lodging and how to get around in Germany.
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